Published on December 6, 2023

The post-industrial life of the Łódź EC1 thermal power plant

There are many examples around the world of entire districts or even towns losing their function and original status when their industry fails to keep up with changes or collapses as a result of a systemic industrial crash. Such is the situation of the capital of Łódź Province. One of the historically most neglected areas, including its buildings, was the 100-hectare urban area in the vicinity of the former Łódź Fabryczna train station, in the dead centre of the voivodeship’s capital.

However, all of this has changed, and the entire area has been under development for over ten years as part of the New Centre of Łódź programme. The most important architectural landmark of the area is the post-industrial complex of the Łódź Power Plant EC1 East and West. The revitalisation case of the former EC1 combined heat and power station site provides unique inspiration in planning new functions for the Rogowiec energy complex located in the municipalities of Bełchatów and Kleszczów.

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