Published on November 8, 2023

Uniejów – from a forlorn riverside town to a health resort

Uniejów, a small town with a current population of three thousand inhabitants, gained the status of a thermal spa in 2012. It owes its spectacular boom in the last twenty years to the discovery and utilisation of geothermal waters and the effective integration of external funding, which was mainly allocated to coherently planned and steadily implemented investments. The first step towards development was the establishment of the company Geotermia Uniejów in 1999, which set about building a municipal heating system based on geothermal energy. Further town initiatives resulted in the construction of the impressive Termy Uniejów thermal pool complex, the renovation of a medieval castle, and the revitalisation of the surrounding park. Uniejów focused on the development of tourist and recreational functions, thus gaining the status of a spa town. This would not have been possible without a visionary mayor, who unfailingly put these coherent plans into motion. Key to their implementation was the use of public and EU funds.

Uniejów is an example of how careful planning and use of EU funds can bring great impact.

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