Published on November 6, 2023

Żyrardów – regeneration and a city reinvented

For more than 150 years, Żyrardów was best known as the ‘Polish capital of linseed’ – a European powerhouse of the textile industry. Ultimately, the industrial monoculture negatively impacted the local labour market and consequently resulted in the collapse of the town’s economic development. In 2004, Żyrardów adopted a Local Revitalisation Programme, the mission of which was the comprehensive spatial, economic and social renewal of the city area designated for revitalisation. European Union structural funds were obtained for the reconstruction and renovation of two vital streets, three primary schools and the three-stage restoration of Dittrich Park.

In 2016, Żyrardów became one of the 20 cities selected to implement model revitalisation solutions in Poland with EU funds. The implementation scale of the revitalisation plan in Żyrardów indicates why such processes should be planned in advance. A proper, effectively implemented plan guarantees the interest of investors, who provide an additional developmental impetus. While Żyrardów is not located in one of the just transition regions, it serves as an example how careful planning and use of EU funds can bring great impact.

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