Published on January 17, 2022

Inclusive Energy Transition in Southeast Europe as an Opportunity

An energy transition is gradually taking place in southeast Europe, but so far it has not been very planned, inclusive, or economically and environmentally sustainable. It has been driven more by EU legislation than intentional government decisions, leading to a lack of ownership and engagement.

This report (PDF) looks at how to move towards an inclusive energy transition in the region. It looks at four different aspects of public involvement, explaining these and the related EU policy context:

  • Just transition
  • Households as energy consumers and taxpayers
  • ┬áProsumers
  • ┬áPublic participation in decision-making on energy policy and infrastructure

It then takes a country-by-country look at nine southeast European countries and shows the potential for involving the broader public in the transition, giving recommendations both per country and overall.

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