Published on July 20, 2020

Beyond Coal. Sustainable alternatives for the future of coalfield regions. Case Study: Alternative Development for Teruel Coalfield Region.

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The study is an overview of post-coal transition in the Spanish region of Teruel, made up of two parts, commissioned by Greenpeace Spain to two different institutions with different background and expertise: (1) The Union Institute of Work, Environment and Health (ISTAS), a self-managed trade union’s technical foundation supported by the Spanish Trade Union Confederation Comisiones Obreras (CCOO), studied the problem from a historical perspective. They reviewed the coal mining situation in Spain and Teruel, the legal framework, and the characteristics shared by coalfield regions. They also compile international examples of just and sustainable reconversions in coalfield regions, and draw conclusions from these proceses. (2) Abay Analistas specifically analyzed possible sustainable alternatives for Andorra’s mining region in Teruel. They reviewed the ongoing transition in the region, and analysed socioeconomic factors to propose possible economy diversifications.

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