Published on October 10, 2023

Guidelines for selecting just transition projects

The Just Transition Fund Regulation sets overarching guidelines and principles that just transition projects are expected to meet and identifies potential areas for project funding. However, it does not provide nearly enough detail.

To fill this gap, we have compiled a list of selection criteria and project types that public authorities can use as guidelines when selecting just transition and green economy projects. As these projects can involve a variety of stakeholders, we also provide guidelines for stakeholder engagement at the planning level and when monitoring the progress of these projects.

The criteria are categorised according to types of environmentally and socially sustainable projects that can be supported under the JTF Regulation, project feasibility and maturity, and stakeholder engagement criteria.

This guide is intended to help local decision-makers select projects aimed at achieving a sustainable energy transition in a diverse, objective and fair manner. It is hoped that it will raise the level of ambition for sustainable solutions in the regions and enable funds to be spent in a way that is consistent with the just transition goals.

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