Published on July 20, 2020

Industrial Regions and Climate Policies: Towards a Just Transition? (study)

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The study by the European Trade Union Conderation (ETUC) includes a series of regional case studies: Yorkshire and the Humber (the UK), North Rhine Westphalia (Germany), Asturias (Spain), Antwerp area (Belgium), Norbotten (Sweden), Stara Zagora (Bulgaria), and Silesia (Poland). These regions have many similarities in terms of industrial heritage and current activity in their energy production and manufacturing industries. But they also each have their own characteristics due to national policy and history or geography. The study, written from the perspective of the trade union movement, attempts to anticipate future changes connected to the decarbonisation prescribed by European policy, conducting an analysis of the regional challenges and opportunities.

The study further presents information derived from a questionnaire about climate policies circulated to ETUC affiliates to get a sense of the debate on low-carbon industrial strategies, both at sub-national level and within the trade union movement, and also to identify possible best practices and experiences that may be shared.

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