Published on May 6, 2022

The state of youth engagement in the implementation of the EU Just Transition Mechanism

Young people aged 16-29 have a central role to play in just transition and the visions Territorial Just Transition Plans outline – a role that is recognised and actively promoted by the EU. However, Bankwatch’s previous reports on these plans have revealed that in several just transition regions, civil society has not been able to engage fully. This poses the serious risk that young people in those communities will not have a say in the decisions impacting their own future and career opportunities.

This report provides an overview of the political youth engagement activities for the development of Territorial Just Transition Plans of twelve EU Member States. For each country, we look at the partnership processes set up by the national and local authorities in preparation of their TJTPs and identify, wherever they are present, specific activities for the engagement of young people. For four countries, the information from institutional sources was complemented with interviews with local youth activists active on just transition at the local level.

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