Published on November 6, 2023

Navigating the just transition: enhancing the involvement of women throughout Europe

A just transition is one that reshapes all aspects of society. It is therefore crucial that the process includes and embraces women, both as planners and beneficiaries of the transition.

Most transition measures to date have focused on reskilling coal miners, efforts that have proved unsuccessful in many regions. To broaden its approach, the just transition process must prioritise the participation of women and other vulnerable groups.

In the latest edition of our webinar ‘Navigating the just transition’, our panellists discuss how women can become more actively involved in the just transition process across Europe, what lessons have been learned, and what can be improved to make the process truly inclusive.


  • Tudorina Mihai, Front Feminist Romania
  • Alma Midžić, Western Balkans independent researcher
  • Gill Allwood, Nottingham Trent University