Published on November 27, 2023

Navigating the just transition: how to ensure transformative potential of the just transition projects?

The Just Transition Fund was established to support projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create new jobs, promote social inclusion, and protect the environment. However, the regulation establishing the Fund only outlines generic guidelines and principles that projects are expected to meet, without going into specific detail.

In our webinar, we explored the types of projects that can maximise the Fund’s transformative potential and effectively address the core challenges faced by the just transition regions. We’ also lokked closely at the Territorial Just Transition Plans to see whether they offer opportunities to bring about meaningful structural change.

Our panellists:

Pippa Gallop, Southeast Europe Energy Policy Officer, CEE Bankwatch Network.

Michiel Stapper, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Law and Governance, Tilburg University.

Magdalena Bartecka, Just Transition Program Manager, Polish Green Network.

The discussion was be led by Joanna Jakubowska, Just Transition Policy Officer at CEE Bankwatch Network.